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ProBusiness Tax and Accounting provides all-inclusive corporate tax accounting solutions to guarantee precise tax filings and adept handling of taxation matters.

Our approach is built on establishing robust client relationships. Our flexible structure and size allow us to address your corporate needs, offering inventive solutions. We merge the finest of corporate tax accounting with exhaustive business tax services to serve you better. We stand ready to cater to your needs.

We take pride in our proven track record of helping numerous corporations avoid CRA audits and secure favorable outcomes at various stages, including audits, post-audits, and objections.

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Corporate tax planning aims to reach peak tax efficiency, with a vital aspect of this goal being to reduce tax liability. This approach offers the individual or business significant financial flexibility and prevents undesirable scrutiny from the CRA.

When correctly executed, effective tax planning reduces taxed rates, lowers taxable income, enables flexibility in tax payments, and yields tax credits. However, the tax plan must be tailored to the individual’s or business’s unique needs.

The three fundamental tax planning strategies are deductions, income splitting, and deferrals. Deductions lower your tax bill, income splitting divides taxes among different taxpayers, and deferrals eliminate current-year taxes, pushing them to a later date.

Yes, in Canada, especially for businesses generating annual gross revenues exceeding $1 million, you can file your corporate tax return online.
In Canada, tax-free investments include a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), a registered education savings plan (RESP), and a tax-free savings account (TFSA).
For self-employed individuals, northern residents, or those who’ve relocated for a job or study, meal and travel expenses can be deducted from your taxes even without receipts.